Tom Skore

Tom Skore
Theatre and Dance

MFA, University of Illinois; MA, University of Illinois; BS, University of Wisconsin

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Tom is a director, primary acting teacher, and voice and dialects specialist. He is a member so Actors' Equity Association, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Screen Actors Guild, the Voice and Speech Trainer's Association, and a certified instructor (level IV) of Alba Emoting Technique. He has worked at a range of theatres across the country and as a screenwriter, Tom has had several works optioned and developed scripts with several major producers. He has worked as an actor on a number of films, including David Mamet's House of Games and Big Miracle.


 The Resurrection EncounterThe Resurrection Encounter

In need of restocking supplies, alien explorers enter into orbit over a vibrant, newly chartered planet. On it they discover many diverse cultures, rich with tradition, and steeped in violence. Living within this paradoxical mix is a man called Jesus; a being who will change the aliens lives forever. A challenging story of compassion, faith, and human hypocrisy, The Resurrection Encounter, is a plausible chronicle of a Second Coming and a frighteningly recognizable lesson in repeat performances.
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