Stephen Langdon

Stephen Langdon
Professor of Anthropology


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Throughout Stephen's career, he has conducted a wide variety of research projects throughout Alaska on both basic and applied topics. His primary focus has been on southeast Alaska where he has worked on topics related to precontact, historic, and contemporary fisheries of the Tlingit and Haida people. He has also conducted substantial research on subsistence practices of Alaska Natives, fisheries policies and their impacts on Alaska Natives, and on a variety of topics on ethnohistoric and contemporary social and cultural dimensions of Alaska Native life.


 The Native People of AlaskaThe Native People of Alaska

This book has been a classic since 1987. The Alaska Historical Society named it as one of the 67 best Alaska history books of all time. Originally written for Alaska visitors and new residents, it has now been adopted for Alaska history and Native studies classes at high school and college level throughout Alaska and the United States. Supplemented with eight maps and more than 60 historic and contemporary images, this comprehensive, easy-to-read, introductory guide to Alaska's first inhabitants focuses on their lifestyles, traditions, and culture at the time of first contact with Europeans.

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