William Hensley

William Hensley
Visiting Distinguished Professor


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William Hensley is one of Alaska's most recognized leaders. His primary focus is working with CBPP to design new curriculum centered on Alaska Native business and corporation management, and developing cases that address Native business law and policy issues. In addition, Hensley works with the Institute for Social and Economic Research and key university leaders to identify and develop new research opportunities. He was instrumental in the framing of the Alaska  Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and has provided leadership in both the public and private sectors in numerous organizations including the Alaska Legislature, the Alaska Federation of Natives and First Alaskans Institute.



 Fifty Miles from TomorrowFifty Miles from Tomorrow

Hensley offer us a rare chance to immerse ourselves in a firsthand account of growing up Native Alaskan. There have been books written about Alaska, but they've been written by Outsiders, settlers. Hensley's memoir of life on the tundra offers an entirely new perspective, and his stories are captivating, as in his account of his devotion to the Alaska Native land claims movement.

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