Brand FAQs

What is a brand exactly?

A brand communicates our identity as an institution, while also capturing what we hope to become. The brand encompasses both reality (80%) and aspiration (20%). A brand is also a promise of an experience. What we say about ourselves sets an expectation for prospective students, current students, alumni, etc.

Why does UAA need a brand?

A brand helps us proactively manage people’s perceptions of UAA by providing an authentic description of who we are as an institution, rather than leaving perception to chance. (Think of rumors. They often are distortions of reality.)

A brand differentiates UAA from other educational institutions, and helps us articulate our value and our contributions to Anchorage, to Alaska, to the nation and beyond.

Wait, a logo isn’t a brand?

A logo is a symbol used to help people identify the brand. UAA’s logos will not be changing with the launch of the new brand; they are part of our established visual identity.

What’s the difference between an advertising campaign and a brand?

An advertising campaign is developed and presented as a way to communicate a brand and its characteristics. An advertising campaign may last for a year, for three years, for five years. The same brand can be used as a foundation for more than one advertising campaign.

How will this impact our website, marketing collateral and logo?

There is no immediate impact to unit websites, marketing collateral or logos. Changes will be rolled out over time as the graphical elements of the new brand are implemented. College and unit logos will not be changing.

What does a good brand look like?

Apple Inc. is an example of a company that has a well-established brand. When most people think of Apple, words like innovative, cutting-edge, modern and sleek come to mind. Its products—the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac have changed the way we interact with technology. Buying an Apple device is the promise of an experience characterized by simplicity, speed, ease of use, constant connection and an intuitive user interface.

See Forbes article “Apple Tops List of the World’s Most Powerful Brands