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Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Federal OMB Circulars
(Note: For Institutions of Higher Education, the OMB Circulars are A-21, A-110, and A-133.) 

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Council on Governmental Relations (COGR)

Federal Demonstration Partnership(FDP)

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University of Alaska Anchorage

HR Records & OGC Procedure for New Hire Job Forms (as of 5/7/14):
For new hires, HR requires all new hire documentation be submitted at the same time as one packet. If you have a new hire on a restricted fund, submit only the job form and appointment letter to OGC. Here are two options for submitting the entire new hire packet to HR when involving a restricted fund:

  • Scan/email the job form and appointment letter to OGC, ask for review and approval, and request OGC to email the approved job form back to you. Once you receive the approved job form, print it, attach it to the rest of the new hire packet, and submit all documents to HR.
  • Schedule a time with OGC for you to hand deliver the entire new hire packet. Give only the job form and appointment letter for review and approval. Wait for the approval, attach the original job form to the new hire packet, and submit entire new hire packet to HR.

    To schedule a time with OGC, please contact 
    Kelsie Lance at 907-786-1443 or

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