Quarterly Reporting for the ARRA

Recovery Act Recipient Reporting

FederalReporting.gov is the central government-wide data collection system for Federal Agencies and Recipients of Federal awards under Section 1512 of the Recovery Act. Through this reporting portal, recipients and federal agencies will have the ability to:

  • Register for the site and manage their account(s)
  • Submit reports
  • View and comment on reports (if the user represents a Federal Agency or Prime Recipient)
  • Update or correct reports when appropriate.

Only registered Federal Agencies and Recipient Authorized Representatives will be able to submit and/or review data through FederalReporting.gov.  At UAA, the Recipient Authorized Representative is currently Shelley Chapman.  Principal Investigators are contacted prior to the quarterly reporting deadline to provide necessary data elements.  The three data elements provided by the P.I.'s are a narrative description of jobs created or retained, percentage of project completion (not started, less that 50% completed, more than 50% completed, fully completed) and a 2,000 character or less quarterly project activity description.  Prior to the initial report submission period closure, the Recipient Authorized Representative will confirm the accuracy of the Section 1512 Quarterly report with each Principal Investigator.

In accordance with section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), all awards funded by ARRA require quarterly reporting through www.FederalReporting.gov. This reporting system was developed to serve as a central tool that will be used by recipients to transmit information on projects and activities funded by ARRA. This tool will be used for recipient reporting only. However, reports and information submitted through FederalReporting.gov will be made available to the public on the Recovery.gov Web site to achieve an unprecedented level of transparency into the ways these Federal funds are spent.

Reporting Requirements

Section 1512 requires awardees to submit a quarterly report due no later than 10 calendar days after each quarter in which the recipient receives the award. Quarters are those ending March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.  Report due dates are January 10, April 10, July 10 and October 10). Reports are cumulative each quarter and include information such as the award amount, a project description, project location, percent project of completion and number of jobs created/retained. The full list of data elements can be found in the data model provided by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB has also created a general guidance memorandum for Section 1512 recipient reporting and issued additional guidance to improve recipient reporting.

NSF Data Dictionary

NSF Data Dictionary includes the updates implemented in OMB Memorandum M-10-34.  This information was current as of 9/24/2010.  In addition, this chart will highlight the OMB Guidance and the Updated NSF Guidance changes to various data elements.  http://www.nsf.gov/recovery/reporting.jsp.

NSF Provides Additional ARRA Data Element Clarification 5/3/2010

The following information is provided to assist NSF recipients in consistent and quality data quarterly reporting under ARRA. This chart provides a cross-walk of the data elements listed in the Recipient Reporting Data Model issued by OMB in the Final Production Release v.3.0. Guidance. The data model, however, has been modified to include only those data elements that are applicable to NSF assistance awards. In an effort to ensure data quality and to assist recipients in reporting accurate data for ARRA quarterly reports, NSF is providing additional information, where appropriate, for use by the recipient. Following this additional guidance will assist NSF in reviewing recipient reports. As new information becomes available, this document will be updated accordingly.

Many of the data elements that are required to be submitted in the quarterly recipient reports can be found on Research.gov, (www.Research.gov) using the Research Spending and Results Service. From the main page of Research.gov, click the Research Spending and Results link to navigate to the search page. Type in the applicable Award ID Number into the Awardee or Award Information box and click Search. A help sheet that illustrates the location of many of the requisite responses is available for use by the recipient community.

NIH Data Dictionary

NIH has been directed to review the Award Description and Quarterly Activities/Project Description this quarter to ensure they are adequate.  Please ensure that these fields meet the OMB requirements for grants and loans as stated in the data dictionary and qualified by the NIH-specific guidance provided in the data dictionary http://grants.nih.gov/recovery/Data_Dictionary.xls:

·     OMB guidance for Award Description:  Award title and description with purpose of each funding action if any. The description should capture the overall purpose of the award. For example, ‘‘community development,’’ ‘‘comprehensive community mental health services to adults with a serious mental illness,’’ etc.

o   NIH-Specific Guidance for Award Description:  "Enter project abstract as provided by the HHS Readiness Tool, public health relevance statement from the application, or other text that may be more informative to the public.  For summer research experience supplements, provide a sentence such as, “This grant provided a summer research experience(s) for ___________________ (insert ""X"" number of high school student(s), college student(s), science educator(s), etc.) in health-related scientific research.”  For administrative supplements, do not use the abstract from the parent grant, rather create a description of the purpose of the supplement.


·     OMB Guidance for Quarterly Activities/Project Description:  A description of the overall purpose and expected outputs and outcomes or results of the award and first-tier Subaward(s), including significant deliverables and, if appropriate, units of measure.  For an award that funds multiple projects such as a formula block grant, the purpose and outcomes or results may be stated in broad terms.

o   NIH-Specific Guidance for Quarterly Activities/Project Description:  If there are no significant changes from the Award Description field, then it is acceptable to say, "As defined in the Award Description field." Otherwise include only any significant changes.  This is NOT to be considered a quarterly scientific progress report.   For any grants being transferred or relinquished in the quarter, grantees should briefly note the transfer/relinquishment in this field.

Holding Recipients Accountable for Reporting Compliance under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

As required by the President's Memorandum of April 6, 2010, OMB has reviewed existing guidance and is providing updated guidance, including additional actions and strategies, designed to assist agencies in fulfilling their responsibility to hold recipients accountable for reporting compliance.  Federal agencies must use every means available to identify any prime recipient required to file a report on FederalReporting.gov who has failed to do so and hold such recipients accountable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Excellent Resources for Faculty and Staff:

Federal agencies that received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have begun posting research funding reports on the Federal Government's primary website located at http://www.recovery.gov/.

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