The Principal Investigator determines when a subaward is to be amended. Common reasons for amending a subaward include providing additional funding, extending the period of performance, or modifying the reporting schedule. It is important to note that some changes, such as scope of work changes, change in the subaward recipient's Principal Investigator or transferring the subaward from one recipient to another, may require the prior approval of the prime sponsor (funding agency).


How to Amend a Subaward

Here are the steps in amending a subaward:

1. Fill out and email the Subaward Modification form and any attachments (i.e. new budget, revised scope of work) to your grant coordinator.  Here is an example of a subaward modification form. Any attachment needs to be on enterable forms/versions (i.e. Word, Excel).  Scanned forms will not be accepted.

2. Email Procurement and cc your grant coordinator a change order request:
a. Subject line: P0xxxxxx; Gxxx; subaward change request
b. State in the email what the change request is (i.e. increase/decrease budget, payment schedule)

3. After Grants & Contracts approves the modification, your grant coordinator will forward the signed hardcopy modification and any attachments to Procurement Services; you will receive a scanned copy of the signed modification.  Procurement Services will process your change request on Banner, contact you if additional procurement forms are required, and will forward subaward modification to the subrecipient.


FFATA Requirements for Amended Subawards

For Federal awards, the FFATA Subaward Reporting System (FSRS) will collect data from the Federal prime awardees on subawards they make: a prime grant awardee will be required to report on its subgrants and a prime contract awardee will be required to report on its sub-contracts.

For those new Federal grants as of October 1, 2010, if the initial award is equal to or over $25,000, reporting of subaward and executive compensation data is required.
  1. If the initial award is below $25,000 but subsequent grant modifications result in a total award equal to or over $25,000, the award will be subject to the reporting requirements, as of the date the award exceeds $25,000.
  • If the initial award equals or exceeds $25,000 but funding is subsequently de-obligated such that the total award amount falls below $25,000, the award continues to be subject to the reporting requirements of the Transparency Act and this Guidance.