After determining you need to issue a subaward, please review the subaward routing process and submit the necessary forms below.


Subaward Routing Process

Department Personnel:

  • Fill out subaward enterable forms and necessary attachments
  • Enter subaward requisition on Banner with complete Document Text that answers the following questions: 
    a. Who requested the subaward (e.g. PI name)?
    b. Who is entering the requisition and phone number?
    c. What is the performance period?
    d. How does this benefit/relate to the project?
    e. Other pertinent information?
  • Email enterable, not scanned, subaward document and attachments to your Grant Coordinator and cc; include the requisition and fund numbers on the email subject line
    (e.g. R0XXXXXXX; 2XXXXXX; Subaward Agreement)

Grants & Contracts Personnel:

  • Grant Coordinator will enter receipt of documents in Access Subaward Log and review subaward forms and attachments
  • Grant Coordinator will print one copy for Director's review and signature
  • Grant Coordinator will approve requisition and will email a scanned copy to Department Personnel and Procurement (

Procurement Personnel:

  • Procurement will send signed agreement to subrecipient for signature(s)
  • Procurement will assign PO once fully executed subaward is received
  • Procurement will email a copy of fully executed subaward to department and G&C

Subrecipient Risk Assessment

As required under OMB A-133, UAA Procurement completes a risk analysis of the subrecipient prior to issuing the subaward. If a subrecipient is found to be high-risk, the subaward may include the following items:

  • Corrective Action Plan
  • On-site monitoring
  • More detailed invoicing
  • Receipt of technical progress reports tied to payments
  • More stringent termination language for failure to comply with requirements