The Office of Sponsored Program requires the complete proposal in its final form five business days prior to the submission date.  This allows adequate time to review and feedback. If you know you will be submitting an application for an upcoming deadline, please consider providing advance notification to


PI Eligibility Policy

This policy describes who may submit proposals at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Budget Template and Justification Policy

This policy describes how the budget for proposals should be constructed.  An Excel Template with Staff Benefits/Leave Rates should be used when preparing a budget.  The budget narrative should agree with the template. 

Match/Cost Share Policy

If the Request for Proposal (RFP) requires that UAA support a proposal with match/cost share, OSP Form 002 must accompany the proposal packet.  The requirement to provide match must be documented for the OSP department to confirm that the agency will not accept proposals without stipulated match.  Note that we will never provide match above the required amount described in the RFP.

Proposal Review Policy

This policy informs the reader regarding the process for proposal submission and approval at UAA. 

Classification of Restricted Fund

Crowd Funding

Data Management Policy

F&A Waiver Policy

IRB Compensation of Research Subjects

Limited Solicitations

Residual Funds Policy