These documents are for internal use. Sponsor guidelines dictate which are required to complete your proposal packet. The Office of Sponsored Programs will assist in completing the information required.

 Pre-Award Checklist

Proposal Transmittal Form (OSP-001)

This Proposal Transmittal Form (OSP-001) must be completely filled out.  It must have all required signatures.  The packet for OSP review is not complete without this document having all required signatures.

Proposal Transmittal Form Routing Instructions: Explanation of how the different data fields should be filled out.

Research Themes: Select three (3) research themes from the list for inclusion on the transmittal form.Select three (3) research themes from the list for inclusion on the transmittal form.

UA Foundation Proposal Transmittal  Form

Specialized form used to move Foundation funding to a restricted fund.

Budget Template

Excel spreadsheet template provided by OSP.  Multi-year project have built-in escalation factor.  Staff Benefit and Leave Rates automatically calculate based on Job Classification. Please provide the excel file format of your budget to OSP for use during the review process.

Budget Justification Template

The budget narrative must describe the benefit to the project of all project expenses. Itemize budget amounts in the narrative, as included in the budget spreadsheet. The figures in the two separate documents need to match. Please provide your word document file to OSP for use during the review process.

Match/Cost Share Form

Does your project require matching or cost sharing as a condition of funding?  Documentation from the funding agency regarding the required match is to be provided with the match form.  Explanation of how match will be satisfied from internal and external sources makes up the text of this form.

F&A Exemption Form (Indirect Waiver)

Does this project pay an F&A rate that is less than UAA's Federally Negotiated F&A Rate?  This form should be completed.  Documentation from the agency of the limitation on F&A must be included in this packet.

PI Exemption Form

If the Principal Investigator for the project is not a tenure track/tenured faculty, this form will need to be submitted for consideration by the Vice Provost for Research.

Cost Accounting Standards Exemption Form

If charges that would normally not be allowed by our UAA DS-2 Statement, an explanation of unlike circumstances needs to be completed using the Cost Accounting Standards Board Exemption Form.  Please note that the last signature on this form is that of the Controller at the University of Alaska Statewide. UAA must forward all exemption forms to the Statewide Office of the Controller for consideration.  This additional approval should be factored in to your application submission timeframe.

Subrecipient Commitment Form

Will UAA be using a subrecipient to complete a portion of this project?  If so, the Subrecipient Commitment Form is required as part of the proposal packet.

Vivarium Request Form

Will your project be using the Vivarium at UAA?  Has this project been vetted by the IACUC?  Coordination with the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance will be required.