Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a colleague-to-colleague teaching and learning center that promotes excellence and innovation in teaching, research, creative activity and engagement in an atmosphere of collegiality. CAFE offers workshops, events and other assistance to faculty on all five UAA campuses.


Faculty Development 2015 Awardees!

2015 Faculty Development Awardees Web
(pictured left to right) Kara Joseph and Judy Owens-Manley, Center for Community Engagement and Learning; Lindsey Chadwell and Lora Volden, Office of the Registrar; Jennifer Stone, College of Arts and Sciences; Terry Nelson, College of Business and Public Policy, and Steve Ex, College of Education.

Faculty Development Appreciation Awardees!

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE), UAA's faculty development center, is pleased to announce its COW (CAFE Oh Wow!) Faculty Development Awards for 2015.The success of UAA's faculty development initiatives and programs are due in large part to the willingness of UAA faculty and staff who share their time and expertise with their colleagues. Two national research studies on unusually effective universities have indicated that investment in faculty development is one of the top ways in which a university can increase its retention rates and student success. 

COW Award recipients –who receive highly coveted bovine-themed figurines to appreciative "moos" from the audience –have made major contributions to faculty development initiatives across the UAA system.This year's recipients include: the Center for Community Engagement and Learning, Lora Volden and the Office of the Registrar, and Jennifer Stone, Associate Professor of English.

The Center for Community Engagement and Learning earned recognition ensuring UAA's Carnegie designation as an Engaged University, an honor earned by just 10% of colleges and universities nationwide. In addition, CCEL leads on conversations regarding the High Impact Practices (HIPs) of community engaged and service learning, experiences that are known to deepen student learning and success.

UAA's Registrar, Lora Volden, was recognized along with those in her office for extensive efforts to train faculty on dimensions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law that ensures privacy of student information, and for advising and use of related programs such as DegreeWorks. Effective training with these kinds of systems helps students move efficiently through the system, ensuring a shorter path to graduation.

Jennifer Stone, Associate Professor of English, was recognized for her leadership in the use of a range of technologies in the classroom, as well as gamification, the practice of introducing exciting, engaging, collaborative, and even competitive dynamics in the classroom. Dr. Stone uses technology in the classroom to energize and enrich student learning, and serves as a mentor to other faculty working to incorporate additional technology in their teaching. She is on the cutting edge with incorporating gamification into her classroom, teaching students to work collaboratively to accomplish tasks that would not be possible alone.

In addition to the COW awards, CAFE recognized Professors Steve Ex (College of Education) and Terry Nelson (College of Business and Public Policy) for their high degree of participation in faculty development events across the academic year. While over 100 faculty members have participated in at least two or more faculty development events during the 2014-2015 academic year, Professors Ex and Nelson have participated in at least 13 each. They are truly dedicated to teaching excellence!

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