Want Your Students to be More Critically Evaluate and Use Information?

Embedding Information Literacy into the Curriculum
2014 Partnership-Mini-Grant Program

“Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone
but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used.”  Dr. Carl Sagan   

Applications due December 13, 2013 5pm!

Librarians and faculty at UAA are increasingly concerned about the need to graduate "information literate" students:  students who can find, evaluate, and use information and understand the ways in which information is created, disseminated, and organized in our society.  The University’s Institutional Learning Outcomes emphasize this commitment by stating that UAA graduates will be able to “employ independent learning and information literacy skills.”

The goal of CAFE’s Information Literacy Partnership Mini-grant is to encourage library and discipline faculty to collaborate in the revision of courses scheduled to be taught no later than Fall 2014 in which students have opportunities to develop information literacy skills.  

We know your time is valuable and want to reward faculty willing to devote time to embed information literacy activities, assignments, and assessment into one or more courses. Therefore, faculty awarded this grant will each receive an IPAD Mini to facilitate work on the project.  (Library faculty are eligible for one IPAD Mini regardless of the number of collaborations in which they are involved over time.)
Participation is limited!  Applications are due by Friday December 13 at 5:00 pm.  Successful grant recipients will be notified the next week.

Please send your applications by email to jfgreen@uaa.alaska.edu .  Application instructions are listed below.

All UAA faculty are eligible to apply, with the understanding that:

•    The project is designed, implemented, documented, and assessed by a team of faculty consisting of a librarian and a discipline faculty member.  (See the Library Subject Liaison List for help identifying a librarian with expertise in your subject area.  If you are in the School of Business, contact CAFE for liaison assignment help.)
•    The team will revise at least one course to include an emphasis on library-related student research and will implement, document, and assess the project in the course(s) offered no later than Fall 2014.
•    The course will integrate academic content with research strategies that are spread throughout the semester to allow students to learn, reinforce, and master information literacy skills relevant to the level of the course.
•    The team will create a Course Guide on the Consortium Library website that will include selected course materials (syllabus, assignments, activities, and project assessment.)
•    Both members of the team will be available to meet from 9-11 am on Friday January 17, and one additional mandatory meeting later in the Spring semester (TBA).
•    Along with other grant recipients, the team will provide a CAFE session to share their results with colleagues at a date to be determined in Fall 2014 (or Spring 2015 if the revised course is implemented in Fall 2014).

Please follow these instructions in creating and submitting the application.  An electronic copy of your application must be submitted to Judy Green (jfgreen@uaa.alaska.edu) by 5:00 pm on
Friday, December 13, 2013.

1.    Name, contact phone, email, academic department, program and faculty status of discipline faculty applicant.
2.    Name, contact phone and email of librarian applicant.
3.    Description of course to be revised and why you chose it for this project (1/2 page or more).
4.    Previous experience with information literacy in your courses (1/2 page or less).
5.    Detailed project description including alignment to course objectives, University Learning Outcomes (Institutional and/or GER outcomes,) and Association of College and Research Libraries Information Literacy competency Standards for Higher Education as applicable (1-2 pages).
6.    Leadership Potential (1/2 page or less): Please describe ways in which your participation in the program might broadly impact teaching in your department/program or be used as a model by other faculty members.


Priority will be given to projects:
•    From a wide range of disciplines;
•    That involve revision of GER courses;
•    That provide a clear link between University Learning Outcomes (GER and/or Institutional Learning Outcomes), course objectives, and the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education;
•    Projects that show potential for impacting teaching or can be used as a model for other faculty.

For more information, contact: Judy Green, CAFE Director at 786-4645 or jfgreen@uaa.alaska.edu