Making Learning Visible

 (The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)

 Assessing, Documenting, and Advancing Teaching

The Making Learning Visible (MLV) learning community is UAA’s venture into the scholarship of teaching (SoTL).  MLV takes a two pronged approach:

  1. A book group where faculty from diverse fields gather and engage in a discussion around a common book of case studies on the scholarship of teaching.
  2. A portfolio group where faculty engage in a scholarship of teaching project in their own classrooms.

The outcome of these efforts is increased evidence of teaching effectiveness; faculty members who have evidence beyond the student course evaluation form (IDEA form) of what is working (or not) in their classroom.

Check out our short video clips of MLV (approximately one minute each)
Introduction to MLV

Two faculty members talk about why MLV is important to them 

Three faculty members talk about the benefits of the MLV learning community 

Workshop Series

The Making Learning Visible workshop series is designed to help faculty assess the efficacy of classroom strategies, document the effectiveness of their teaching, share effective strategies with peers, and demonstrate exemplary teaching in the promotion and tenure portfolio.



MLV Teaching Portfolios

 makingLearningVisibleGraphic_small_1 Check out  all UAA & APU Faculty Teaching Portfolios at:

Examples of Portfolios

Using Alaska Native Ways of Learning in the Classroom
 - Don Rearden
 MLV Challenging Students Ideas About Race, Ethnicity & Identity by Diane Hirshberg