iPad Mini Grants to Support MLV/SoTL Inquiry Projects

2014 Making Learning Visible iPad Mini Grants

To support faculty documenting effective teaching in
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Course Inquiry Project

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 7, 2014!  Space is limited!

 Teaching university-level courses is a form of serious intellectual work that can be as challenging and demanding as discovery research. When teaching is undertaken as a form of inquiry into the impact a course has on student understanding, the quality and depth of this work can be revealed through writing that reflects the relation between the process of teaching and its results.  
Daniel Bernstein, University of Kansas

The Making Learning Visible portfolio development series offers faculty the opportunity to produce evidence of teaching effectiveness that goes beyond IDEA survey results. Findings can be used as evidence of scholarly teaching in promotion and tenure reviews.  Five (5) mandatory sessions and one (1) optional consultation in fall 2014 and 1 mandatory session and 2 optional consultations  in spring 2015 will take selected faculty through the process of creating and implementing a classroom inquiry project.  Faculty will present a session about their project to their department, school or college and place a course portfolio documenting the inquiry on a CAFE-maintained website to share with colleagues at UAA and beyond.
We know your time is valuable and want to reward committed faculty who are willing to take the time to investigate and share effective teaching practices with their colleagues. Faculty who complete the process, i.e., post their portfolio on the CAFE website (see below) by the appropriate date will receive a new iPad Mini.  Participation is limited.  

  • All UAA faculty are eligible to apply, with the understanding that you must be able to:
    attend 6 mandatory MLV sessions (there are also 3 optional consultation sessions) –dates as follows
    Friday, September 12 & 26, 2014
    Friday, October 10 & 24, 2014
    Friday, November 14, 2014
    Friday, December 5, 2014 (optional consultation)
    3 Spring semester consultations (1 mandatory, 2 optional- dates TBD)
  • introduce, document, and assess the results of a new instructional strategy in at least one course during the spring 2015 semester.
  • present a session about your MLV inquiry portfolio to your department, school or college.
  • create a course inquiry portfolio and post it to the MLV Blackboard site by March 17, 2015.

 Priority (in order) will be given to faculty who have:
1)      participated in the MLV book group but not yet implemented a project;
2)      been introduced to MLV (e.g., Tech Fellows, CCEL, Information Literacy Partnership, Team-Based Learning, Sustainability Across the Curriculum) and are ready to begin the portfolio creation process;
3)      completed a portfolio in the past;
4)      no prior MLV experience.

Please submit electronically up to  two (2) pages in response to the following questions along with your basic information to lkmorrison@uaa.alaska.edu  by 5pm on Monday, April 7, 2014(extended from 4/1/14).
Basic Information:
1)       Name
2)       UAA phone #
3)       Email Address
4)       Department/Program/Faculty Status
5)       Campus
Answer the following three questions (in under 2 pages)
1)       Summary of MLV Project you are considering.
2)       Describe any prior participation in SoTL/Making Learning Visible
3)       Project Timeline

(Applications due by 5 pm Monday April 7, 2014(extended from 4/1/14),
Awardees will be notified by April 18, 2014)