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Monday, August 10  - Tuesday August 11, 2015

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University e-mail Accounts

Your UAA email account will be created for you once your department informs UAA Information Technology Services of your hire.  Your email account should be working by the time you arrive on campus. Because we would like to be in communication with you throughout the summer, please be sure you are checking email and update us with your current email address by sending us a message at:

For e-mail account information or help:

Information Technology Services (ITS), 907-786-4646 (in Alaska) or 877-633-3888.

To access UAA email:


UAA Faculty Listserv: Please subscribe to theUAA faculty listserve as soon as your UAA email address is activated. It will alert you to the most important faculty development opportunities, curriculum issues, grants, and news for faculty at UAA.  

To subscribe, visit