Setting Up Your Email Account

Accessing AA E-mail
If your are AA staff or faculty and use Exchange services you can access your Exchange mailbox at 


For more information on AA e-mail services visit


You will need your AA computer account username to access AA Webmail or Exchange. To find your username use the username lookup form on the left. If you prefer, you can also set up an e-mail program on your computer to access and download your AA e-mail. For information on setting up an E-mail program with your AA account, please see the E-mail Knowledge Base Articles.

E-mail Aliases
If you would like a different e-mail address, you can create an e-mail alias using the Directory Update. An e-mail alias is an alternate e-mail address for your assigned e-mail address. If you create an alias you will be able to recieve e-mail sent to both addresses in your mailbox. Whether or not you choose to have an e-mail alias, you will only have one mailbox which is accessed with your AA computer account username. If you do not know your username, you may look it up using the form at the left or contact the Call Center at 786-4646.