Book Discussion Groups

CAFE offers regular semester-long book discussion groups each semester.  Faculty who register early and attend the entire discussion group receive a complimentary copy of the book. Consult the CAFE Events Calendar for book discussion group meeting dates. Standing CAFE book discussion groups include:



This 3-session book group, aimed at first- and second-year faculty, discusses Robert Boice’s well-received guidebook, Advice for New Faculty. The book introduces the "most reliable research differentiating between new faculty who thrive and those who struggle. By following its practical, easy-to-use rules, new faculty can learn to teach with the highest levels of student approval, involvement and comprehension time -- with only modest preparation time..."  The book offers similar suggestions for writing more prolifically with ease, and quickly integrating into academic culture.

Current Group Information

Meets only in the Fall Semester.




This 4-session discussion group is for faculty interested in exploring how to assess, document, and advance effective teaching and student learning. The series is centered on discussion of recent books addressing the scholarship of teaching and strategies for classroom or course-based research.  The purpose of the group is to:


1. advance faculty skills in assessing, documenting, and demonstrating effective teaching strategies, and

2. provide peer consultation and University support to faculty working on teaching assessment and documentation project(s).

The MLV book discussion group is offered each semester.  Check the CAFE Events Calendar(link) for meeting dates and to register. Book group participants who attend all book group sessions during the semester may keep their copy of  the books discussed.

Current Group Information:  Contact CAFE

Other MLV Resources:

  • MLV Faculty Portfolios - UAA faculty teaching portfolios document scholarly inquiry into student learning.  Shared results help all teachers improve their pedagogical expertise.

  • MLV Faculty Learning Community- groups of trans-disciplinary faculty engaging in the process of documenting effective teaching in a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Course Inquiry Project.



This 3-session group discusses one book each semester with a theme relevant to faculty issues. Previous titles discussed have included:  Academically Adrift; The Narcissism Epidemic; and What the Best College Teachers Do.  

Current Group Information - Spring 2016

Writing your journal article in 12 weeksWriting Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks- Facilitated by Ray Ball.

Fridays from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm in ADM 141

Session One - Friday January 15, 2016 
Session Two - Friday January 22, 2016 
Session Three - Friday February 12, 206
Session Four - Friday February 26, 2016
Session Five -Friday March 4, 2016
Session Six - Friday April 8, 2016

See CAFE Calendar to register.