Information Literacy Community of Practice

Faculty are increasingly concerned about the need to graduate "information literate" students: students who can find, evaluate, and use information and understand the ways in which information is created, disseminated, and organized in our society.  UAA’s Institutional Learning Outcomes state that its graduates will be able to “employ independent learning and information literacy skills.” Guided by a combination of UAA campus mandates and the information competency guidelines of the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Information Literacy Community of Practice provides an opportunity for discipline faculty, faculty librarians, and other interested members of the University community to explore ways to ensure and advance the integration of information literacy skills throughout UAA’s curriculum.
As a result of an ongoing Information Literacy Initiative partnership between CAFE and the Consortium Library, a number of faculty have modified one or more courses in order to cultivate more “information literate” students.  This Community of Practice is meant to 1) build on the successes and challenges of previous IL work, 2) better define IL-based curricula and outcomes to articulate how IL relates to high-impact practices, and 3) identify best practices generally and on our own campus so they can be replicated and implemented in other courses at UAA.  

Target Participants:

Participation is open to all faculty interested in learning more or sharing their own current practices of integrating information literacy skills in courses. Recipients of the Information Literacy Mini-Grants (a program that brings together library and discipline faculty to collaborate in the revision of courses so that students are afforded opportunities to develop information literacy skills) are especially encouraged to participate, as well as those who participated in the Information Literacy Interest Group.  See the CAFE Calendar of events for the next meeting of the Information Literacy Community of Practice.

Spring 2015 Meeting Times: (register at the CAFE Calendar of Events)
Thursday, February 19 2:30 - 3:45pm LIB 306
Thursday, March 26 2:30 - 3:45pm LIB 306
Thursday, April 23 2:30 - 3:45pm LIB 306


Shawnalee Whitney and Deb Mole (Library)

Fundamentals of Oral Communications - COM 11 

Bogdan Hoanca (CIS) and Deb Mole (Library)

Management Information Systems - CIS 376 

Jill Flanders-Crosby (Dance) and Robin Hanson (Library)

Interdisciplinary Dance Studies - DNCE 370

Irasema Ortega (Education) and Jennifer McKay (Library)

STEAM in Context in Alaska - EDFN 348


Jackie Cason (English) and Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Library) Introduction to Composition - ENG 111

Scott Downing (English-KPC) and Jane Fuerstenau (Library) Introduction to Composition - ENG 111

Jared Griffin (English-Kodiak) and Peggy Holm (Library) Introduction to Composition - ENG 111

David Bowie (English) and Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Library) Nature of Language - LING 101

Heather Brook Adams (English) and Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Library)
Research Writing - ENG 414

Polly Bass (Environmental Science- MatSu) and Micah Muer (Library)

Earth Systems - ENV 211

Jennifer Witter (Geology) and Daria Carle (Library)

Professional Practice in Geology - GEOL 310

Liz Dennison (History) and Kevin Keating (Library)

Historiography - HIST 377

Marny Rivera (Justice) and Page Brannon (Library)

Introduction to Research Methods - JUST 200


Deb Periman (Legal Studies) and Page Brannon (Library)

Legal Ethics - LEGL 215

Dianne Toebe (Nursing) and Kathy Murray (Library)

Nursing Informatics - NS 205