Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Course Inquiry Project

How do you know if you are an effective teacher?  The Making Learning Visible Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Course Inquiry Project offers faculty the opportunity to produce evidence of teaching effectiveness that goes beyond IDEA survey results.  Findings can be used as evidence of scholarly teaching in promotion and tenure reviews.  Each spring, CAFE seeks applications for the program for the next academic year.

Scholarly Inquiry Projects

Through the above program, UAA faculty have created teaching portfolios that showcase their classroom teaching and learning innovations and demonstrate scholarly inquiry into student learning.  We share their results here in order to help all teachers improve their pedagogical expertise.  These projects describe the context for the inquiry, the focus of the inquiry, the course design and implementation, findings and reflections on the inquiry.  The projects, which cover a wide range of disciplines, are grouped below by course, discipline, and theme.


Sample UAA Faculty Scholarship of Teaching Projects

By Course

By Discipline






Health Science

  • The Social and Secret Life of Small Urban Spaces  - (Bree Kessler)
  • Preparing for the Real World Through Service Learning - (Gabe Garcia)
  • Student Self-reflection: Using Empathy and Perspective Exercises- (Nancy Nix)

Honor’s College


Human Services



Liberal Studies

  • Thinking Like a Native Alaskan: The Necessity of Place-Based Knowledge   (Mei Mei Evans, 2010 - APU)



Political Science

Social Work: 



By Theme

Alaska Native Ways of Teaching & Learning Portfolios

Community Engagement Portfolios


By Course