Submit an Event to the UAA Calendar

UAA Calendars are generated from 25Live, to request an Event be added to any of the UAA Calendars please Go To 25Live and login with your UA username and password. To learn more about 25Live visit the 25Live Information Page

You can still submit an event using the web form below. Please be aware that by using the web form you will not have the below options that 25Live offers.

  1. Ability to edit your event for changes and corrections at any time.
  2. Ability to Cancel and/or change what calendars you want it on at any time.
  3. Additional formatting for the description including the ability to insert hyperlinks, images or build your description HTML.
  4. Ability to see if there is already a version of your event in 25Live for the space reservation. If there is already a version of your event in 25Live then you will need to coordinate with the person who created it to get it removed before your version can be added.

If you have any questions about adding your event to the UAA calendars please email University Advancement.

Note: All published events are posted to the UAA master calendar. All published events except for "Faculty and Staff" events are posted to Wolfwire, the UAA student calendar.

Submission guidelines

UAA publishes event information for events sponsored by a UAA departments, clubs or organizations. All UAA and UA students, faculty and staff may submit events to the UAA calendar for approval. UAA does not post events to the UAA calendar that are not sponsored by a UAA department, club or organization.

Event Information
Tell us about your event.
Include building and room number (ex. UAA Professional Studies Building, room 118). If this is an off-campus event, please include street address.
Contact Information
Contact information if we have any questions about the event.
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