Career Concierge - The CSC Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Career Concierge is the newest addition to the abundant resources available through the UAA Career Services Center. This newsletter is distributed throughout the UAA campus. Career Services hopes to adequately equip job seekers and students with the knowledge on how to best utilize all that Career Services has to offer to them. 

Career Concierge - Volume 10 - April 17, 2014
Career Concierge - Volume 8 - February 27, 2014
Career Concierge - Volume 7 - January 27, 2014
Career Concierge - Volume 6 - January 13, 2014
Career Concierge - Volume 5 - November 19, 2013
Career Concierge - Volume 4 - October 28, 2013
Career Concierge - Volume 3 - September 26, 2013
Career Concierge - Volume 2 - September 5, 2013
Career Concierge - Volume 1 - August 22, 2013

Career Concierge Volume 10





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Alaska World Affairs Council

All students from any school or university are invited to attend weekly Alaska World Affairs Council meetings at no cost. Please join Alaska World Affairs Council for a free meal and enlightening programs focusing on a variety of important subjects. Lunches happen every other Friday at 12 pm, but it's always good to check the Alaska World Affairs Council calendar as they do have other events as well. BP sponsors the program. Please be sure to RSVP to to let them know if you intend to attend one of their lunches. Internship and job opportunities are also found at their website:

The purpose of the Alaska World Affairs Council is to:
-Support and strengthen the United States and its institutions by developing an informed
    public and promoting international understanding, awareness and involvement in current
    day world issues;
-Stimulate interest in world affairs and inspire the public to be involved in world issues,
    through a program of lectures, discussion forums, media events and other educational
-Inform and educate our students, from the elementary through the university levels, in the
    importance of involvement in, and understanding of, world affairs;
-Provide support materials, training opportunities and discussion forums for teachers in the
    fields of foreign policy, geography and current events;
-Facilitate cooperation among groups and organizations with similar goals, locally,
    nationally and internationally.