Accessing AKCIS

To access AKCIS, click on the logo above or copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://akcis.intocareers.org/

Use the following login information to access AKCIS:
Username: uaacareerctr
Password: akcis02

Do you have questions about...

Choosing a major or career path? 
Need specific information about a career or occupation? 
Have no idea what you want to do for a career?
Need financial aid? 
Searching for a college, university, or graduate school?
Need Alaska occupational information?
Looking for self-employment information?
Seeking job search resources and help?

Let AKCIS help narrow these questions down for you.  Find detailed information on specific careers. Take the assessment tests or do the Occupational Search that AKCIS offers in order to help you decide what major of study or what career path to choose. Find out what occupations would best suit you personally. Search for financial aid opportunities. Search for colleges, universities, and grad schools that meet your personal preferences and necessary criteria. AKCIS is a fabulous tool with a plethora of information to guide and assist you in your vocational and career endeavors.

Note: AKCIS is licensed to the Career Services Center for UAA use only. Use of this website requires a username and password to be provided by the Career Services Center. If you are having trouble using AKCIS, please visit the Career Services Center and ask for some personal assistance in our computer lab. Read on below for more specific information about AKCIS. 

The Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) is a comprehensive career guidance system that provides information and exploration tools to people throughout Alaska.

  • AKCIS is the only regularly updated source of both Alaska and national occupational information.
  • AKCIS provides information to Alaska native and rural populations.
  • AKCIS is the only system that provides information based on the needs of Alaskans.
  • AKCIS contains numerous tools for sorting its occupational and educational information.

AKCIS is information developed by Intocareers, a non-profit research center at the University of Oregon College of Education, and the Alaska Development Research and Analysis Division. Additional information is compiled by a consortium of CIS organizations from other states.

Unsure about a career? Take the AKCIS assessment tests - similar to the Myers Briggs Personality Test and the Strong Interest Inventory

  • Occupation Sort allows you to identify occupations related to abilities, interests and work preferences.
  • Skills is a comprehensive occupational sorting tool that allows you to identify and prioritize your skills. Skills then calculates a rating and shows how your  skills compare  to nearly 500 occupations.
  • O*NET Interest Profiler helps you to identify your strongest work-related interest.
  • Assessment Link provides a connection between several standard career assessment instruments and AKCIS.
AKCIS explains the following education and training resources:
  • Programs of study and training
  • Apprentice information
  • Alaska vocational schools and colleges
  • National colleges and universities
  • Alaska and national financial aid
  • Career pathways  
Need help choosing a school?

School Sort allows you to input your preferences for location, school size, cost, admission requirements, and other related categories. Then, from a nation wide data base, it generates a list of two-year, four-year, or graduate schools that match your criteria.

Looking for financial aid?

Financial Aid Sort lists Alaska and national financial aid sources based on educational plans, abilities, background, interest areas and financial need.
The internet version of AKCIS contains links to related sources of information throughout the internet. It also offers additional features including: “My CIS” electronic portfolio, “ Real World” interviews, Compare Occupations, and a graduate school sort . It also allows the viewing of occupational videos on-line.