Alaska Prostate Cancer Needs Assessment

Principal Investigator: Bridget Hanson, Ph.D 
This project is funded through the State of Alaska Division of Public Health and with a grant from the Alaska Prostate Cancer Coalition.

With increasing survival rates for cancer patients, attention has turned to the various physical and psychological needs of survivors. To date, however, prostate cancer survivors have been underrepresented in the survivorship literature especially compared to breast cancer survivors despite comparatively high prevalence rates. The current project is a collaboration with the State of Alaska Comprehensive Control Program and the Alaska Prostate Cancer Coalition to develop a comprehensive needs assessment of prostate cancer survivors, the first such needs assessment in the United States. The needs assessment will catalog the physical, psychological, and associated experiences of Alaskan prostate cancer survivors, as related to diagnosis, treatment, and remission. Findings from the needs assessment will increase understanding of the challenges and successes of survivors and will be shared with the community of survivors as well as health professionals statewide to increase awareness and influence policy. This current project will also serve as the basis for developing a prostate cancer needs assessment tool for national use.