Emergency Mental Health Services Utilization Project

 Principal Investigator:  Jesse Metzger, Ph.D.

Utilization of emergency mental health treatment services in Alaska has increased substantially in recent years, leaving treatment facilities hard-pressed to meet the burgeoning demand. Although anecdotal data exist to explain the increase in utilization, objective analysis of data will be helpful to identify possible causative factors and to develop recommendations for alleviating the problems. To this end, the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health has contracted with CBHRS to analyze numerous existing datasets from various treatment facilities around the state. CBHRS will receive and integrate these datasets and conduct statistical analysis to determine trends in utilization as well as potential causative factors that are driving the heavy utilization. To complement this analysis, CBHRS will conduct key informant interviews to contextualize the findings. Based on the quantitative and qualitative data analyses, CBHRS will develop recommendations for submission to the State of Alaska.

CBHRS EMHS Technical Report No. 1