Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention

Principal Investigator: Diane King, Ph.D.
This research is supported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
Cooperative Agreement #U84DD000886-01.

In 2012 Arctic RTC received one of three supplemental awards from CDC to take a more "upstream" approach to the problem of alcohol exposed pregnancies. They are partnering with the Alaska Public Health Nurses (PHN) to implement standardized screening and brief intervention (i.e., an alcohol SBI) to address risky drinking, an evidence-based, but under-utilized method that can reduce alcohol consumption by as much as 34% and increase safe levels of drinking by 10-20%. The project will initially involve public health centers in Wasilla, Fairbanks and Ketchikan, with the potential for system-wide adoption of SBI across their 20 public health centers.

Please click here to see the Arctic WPA SBI Poster.