CBHRS designs program evaluations or implements previously planned program evaluations that need to be carried out by an independent evaluation service. 

We believe in:

  • Working with the people providing the services to determine what are possible and desirable outcomes of their work
  • Using responsive evaluation strategies that result in immediate feedback and have clear and immediate implications for the services we study
  • Developing several small rapid-yield studies that provide immediate formative input that can be used to make changes and improvements as needed
  • Using both qualitative (talking and process-oriented) and quantitative (numbers and outcome-oriented) approaches to our work
  • Using many sources of information to answer questions
  • Establishing several distinct criteria to define and measure success

We do this by:

  • Talking to lots of people who are involved in different aspects of the project we study
  • Respecting the knowledge and expertise of those who deliver services
  • Asking for stories and contexts
  • Requesting that service providers collect information from those they serve
  • Asking for data (numbers)

The steps we take to do evaluation are:

  • Identifying goals the evaluation can meet
  • Developing a plan for meeting these goals
  • Implementing the plan with the help of those providing the services we are studying
  • Double-checking that the plan is working
  • Fixing the plan if it does not work in the real world
  • Collating and organizing the information we received
  • Interpreting the information in terms of what it means for the services we study
  • Giving feedback to the service providers about what works well and how improvements can be made
  • Listening to the service providers after they received our feedback
  • Starting all over until all goals are met