CBHRS offers a comprehensive array of professional services for the design, administration, and analysis of surveys. Combining sophisticated software with highly trained and experienced staff, CBHRS provides high-quality survey data collection procedures and data analyses that can accommodate simple to extremely complex sample designs.  CBHRS researchers work in close collaboration with clients to develop and implement surveys that are tailored to meet the client's specific objectives while taking into account the required precision and available budget.

CBHRS offers consulting and project management for all aspects of survey work.  These services may be offered independently or as part of an entire survey. Survey-related services include:

Questionnaire Development

With almost 20 years experience in questionnaire development, CBHRS can help assure that questionnaires meet the project objectives. We can help develop questionnaires, identify existing questionnaires, and modify current questionnaires to make them more culturally relevant and applicable to clients' needs.  When appropriate, CBHRS can conduct a pilot survey to insure the questionnaire's integrity and to minimize measurement error.

Survey Design and Sampling

CBHRS can offer advice on advantages and disadvantages of using a variety of sampling designs, such as the use of stratification, and can help with estimating the cost of surveys.  Appropriate sample size requirements, based on the study's precision requirements, can be calculated to provide statistically reliable estimates.

Data Collection

CBHRS utilizes state-of-the-art methods in mail and internet surveys that produce high response rates. Methods typically involve multiple contacts for each participant in the form of follow-up telephone calls, reminder postcards, or additional email communications.  CBHRS researchers are actively involved in researching methodologies that improve response rates in rural settings.

Data Analysis and Summary Reports

Statistical analyses are selected that are appropriate for the sampling design and survey objectives.  Analytical adjustments for non-response bias and statistical weighting can be applied to account for specific survey design features. Strict confidentiality is maintained for all respondents.  Summary reports detailing the survey procedures and results are provided for each survey.

Data Editing, Coding, and Entry

CBHRS relies on a data entry program that provides efficient and accurate data entry and re-key verification. Editing checks are completed on all data files to minimize data entry errors and data files are subjected to a variety of statistically-based tests to identify any anomalies within a given dataset.