Revisions to the Alaska Statutes regarding sex offenders require incorporation of polygraph assessment into the supervision of all probationers and parolees by July 2007.  Therefore, the Alaska Department of Corrections (DOC) will be making significant changes in its management of convicted sex offenders on parole or probation in the community.  Based on experiences in sex offender management in other states, the Alaska DOC will be implementing the "Containment Model," which includes post-conviction polygraph assessment as a treatment and supervision tool.  Thirty-eight states in the U.S. use post-conviction polygraph examination as a sex offender management and treatment tool.  This requirement will have a significant impact on clinicians and parole and probation officers who work with this population.  Clinicians will be required to incorporate polygraph results into assessment and treatment protocols and parole and probation officers will work closely with offenders to manage deviant behaviors, including identifying and assigning sanctions and inducements to reduce the likelihood of re-offense.  As a result of these statutory changes, extensive and specific training for all parole and probation officers and DOC-approved sex offender treatment providers will be needed.  BHRS staff will work with DOC to evaluate training activities and to analyze treatment and supervision data.