The Municipality of Anchorage Safe City Program has received funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to implement the Pathways to Sobriety project.  This is a multi-faceted project aimed at improving the well-being of individuals exhibiting chronic public inebriation in Anchorage.  Aspects of this project include providing case management at the Transfer Station to facilitate movement of individuals with histories of public inebriation into treatment services, housing, and employment; exploring the opportunity to fund community-based detoxification treatment beds; and purchasing and staffing an additional van for purposes of transporting homeless individuals with histories of public inebriation to the transfer station.

The Safe City Program has contracted with the Alaska Comprehensive and Specialized Evaluation Services (ACSES) branch of Behavioral Health Research and Services to conduct an evaluation of the Pathways to Sobriety project.  The goals of this evaluation project are to evaluate the process and impact of the Pathways to Sobriety project, as well as to evaluate treatment outcomes as effected by the new system of care.  Activities that will be conducted by ACSES during Year One of the project include finalizing and implementing the evaluation plan in collaboration with Safe City staff; assisting in the selection, development, or refinement of assessment tools to be used in the project; providing technical assistance; and conducting statistical analyses of existing data.   In subsequent years, ACSES will carefully evaluate the implementation, process, and outcomes of the Pathways to Sobriety project.