Bridget Hanson, Ph.D.

Hanson sm      Research Assistant Professor
      Office Location: SSB 214C
      Phone: 786-6529
      Current CV


Dr. Bridget L. Hanson is a research assistant professor at the Center for Behavioral Health Research & Services. She joined CBHRS in 2010 after receiving her PhD in Experimental Psychology, with an emphasis in social psychology, from the University of North Dakota. Dr. Hanson’s primary research interests include the application of attribution theory to social problems, investigating psychosocial correlates of well-being, and exploring the role of attitudes in professionals’ adoption of evidence-based practices.

Current Projects

Dr. Hanson currently directs the evaluations for the Arctic Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Regional Training Center and the Arctic-SBIRT Training Grant. She also provides research and evaluation services for state and community agencies; recent projects include a needs assessment of prostate cancer survivors in Alaska and evaluating RurAL CAP’s federally-funded Housing First project in Anchorage. Dr. Hanson was the project director for UAA’s Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative during its SAMHSA funding and she continues to provide consultation and support to campus suicide prevention efforts across the state.