Top 10 of 2014

Top 10 Most Read Green and Gold Stories of 2014

Three of the top ten most read stories in Green and Gold involve College of Business and Public Policy students, alumnus and/or programs.  The three stories are: #3. Top Forty Under 40 (featuring CBPP alumnus Harry Need, Morten Kjerland, Carrie Lindow, and Chad Steadman), #5. “I am UAA” Shayla Silva, and #9. CBPP's Leadership Fellows.

UAA student Laura Knowles, Professor Soren Orley and Credit Union 1′s Pat Berry

Justice for Fraud Victims Project Gains More Attention

Word is spreading, in addition to Green & Gold's article, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has highlighted the nation-wide Justice for Fraud Victims Project.

CBPP's Justice for Fraud Victims Project benefits law enforcement agencies with large caseloads and limited resources, allowing those agencies to take on cases that otherwise wouldn’t be investigated, without increasing their costs.

Image of Heather Karwowski and Florian Borowski

Meet the 2014-2015 Leadership Fellows Mentors and Protégés

The Leadership Fellows featured interview this week is with protégé Heather Karwowski and her mentor Florian Borowski.  Florian is HR Manager at Schlumberger and chose to move here for the personal and professional opportunities that are unique to Alaska.  Read the interview with Florian and learn more about his view of leadership in Anchorage.

Image of Team Anvil

MBA Students' Case Studies Presented at the 2015 WAC Conference

Case studies authored by two teams of graduate students in Dr. Terry Nelson’s Organizational Behavior class (spring 2014) were presented at the 2015 Western Casewriters Association (WCA) 2015 conference.  WCA is the Western regional association of business casewriters. The conference took place on March 12, 2015.

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