Begich Slade and Fisher-Goad

2015-16 Leadership Fellows Mentor Interviews

Each week the College of Business and Public Policy will be highlighting a mentor in the Leadership Fellows program with an interview conducted by their protégé. This week’s featured protégé/mentor pairing is Sierra Begich Slade, who is pursuing her BBA in management, and her mentor, Sara Fisher-Goad, who is the Executive Director of the Alaska Energy Authority.

Cliff Groh

New PADM Elective at the College of Business and Public Policy, Spring 2016

A new 1 credit elective course "Shaping Alaska’s Future: Navigating Alaska’s Fiscal and Economic Challenges (PADM 671)" will be offered this spring.  Led by Cliff Groh, chair of Alaska Common Ground, a non-partisan public policy organization.  Subjects will include: The Alaska Permanent Fund and Permanent Fund Dividend, Oil taxes and the proposed natural gas pipeline project, and Alaska’s future economic prospects.

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