At the College of Business and Public Policy:

We are united in a common desire to help Alaska prepare for the future.  Whether in the interactions of professors and students, the conduct of policy research, or assistance to small businesses, members of the CBPP community dedicate their working lives to enhance state's capabilities for meeting multiple challenges associated with creating a thriving economy.  In my role as Interim Dean this year, it has been my privilege to observe the impressive scale, scope and quality of work accomplished at CBPP.

Our faculty work at the leading edge of their fields and bring their intellectual capital into the classroom.  Whether it is incorporating the business tools developed by SAP or SAS Institute, applying state of the art techniques of fraud examination, or conducting on optimizing employee incentives, our graduates leave CBPP with an impressive array of intellectual and professional skills.

CBPP continues its tradition of producing high-impact research.  We have long been the home of the Institute of Social and Economic Research, a premier center for non-partisan policy research in Alaska.  ISER research informs policy makers and citizens about critical issues ranging from energy, to fishing, to public education.  More recently CBPP has become home to a new area of distinction, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, which was pioneered at CBPP by Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon Smith, our first Rasmuson Chair in Economics. 

A major challenge facing Alaska is the impending retirement of leaders across a broad spectrum of institutions.  CBPP has augmented its Leadership curriculum, especially for the MBA program, and will in the coming years create an Alaska Center for Leadership, which will serve as a hub for the development of leaders in the state.  We envision a diverse array of curriculum and programs to meet the needs of varied degree programs and professional communities.  Established leaders in the business community are currently assisting us in the development of a dynamic leadership mentoring program, which will provide continuity as the duty of leadership passes to a new generation.

CBPP is also mindful of preparing the very young for their futures.  Our Center for Economic Development has served as a catalyst for the spread of 'Lemonade Day' in the state.  On May 11, 2013 kids and teens, ages 5-18 will participate in Alaska's third Lemonade Day.  Last year over 2,500 youngsters registered, created business plans, constructed lemonade stands and learned what is involved in running a small business.  We believe this program holds immense promise in teaching financial literacy at a young age and in planting the seeds of an entrepreneurial culture in the state.

I am honored to serve as Interim Dean of the College of Business and Public Policy at UAA.  In addition to the good work of CBPP community members, I am most proud of the fact that this is a great place to work.  Please come and visit.  You are always welcome.

Biography of the Dean

Dr. Rashmi Prasad has been a faculty member at the University of Alaska Anchorage for the past eleven years and currently holds the rank of Professor in the department of Business Administration. Dr. Prasad has lived in many countries, but spent his formative years in the Midwest, where he studied at the University of Michigan and University of Illinois, before completing his PhD at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

Dr. Prasad is a dedicated teacher, frequently honored by students, peers and alumni for the quality of his teaching and student advising. Deeply committed to scholarship, Dr. Prasad has wide ranging research interests, with a principal focus on business ethics, inter-cultural management, and health systems administration. A productive scholar, he has contributed chapters to numerous books and published articles in notable journals such as Business and Politics, Governance, and The Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Prasad has frequently negotiated the boundaries of culture and institutions in his academic life, engaging in significant academic work related to Russia, India and China, while also remaining active in consulting with numerous businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Dr. Prasad has actively contributed to efforts to resolve the nettlesome problems associated with the healthcare system, providing expert input on health-related public policy issues to government bodies and numerous professional societies. Dr. Prasad has served as Director of Graduate Programs in the College of Business and Public Policy, Chair of the University Honors Council and has contributed extensively to service of the University of Alaska Anchorage.