The UAA College of Business and Public Policy is the preeminent center for business education and policy research in Alaska. We actively engage in teaching, research and scholarly exchange in the North Pacific Rim and circumpolar Arctic. We aspire to be the first choice for Alaskan high school graduates who seek a career in business or public administration; to attract students with interest in Alaska from across the nation and Pacific Rim area; and to be the preferred source of business employees for Alaska operations.

The college is committed to providing the newest technologies available for supporting the needs of students and faculty; to encouraging the use of these technologies in all courses; and to providing on-site maintenance and support. Our programs advance critical thinking, promote habits of continuous learning, and develop technical, conceptual and communication skills.

Our student body is diverse in social and educational background, professional experience, learning motives, and career ambitions. We seek to recruit, retain and support Alaska Native and rural students, and to serve the development aspirations of rural Alaska. We value, promote, develop and foster equal treatment of cultural and ethnic groups. We educate and inspire students to meet the ethical, environmental, and moral challenges facing future business leaders.


The College of Business and Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage prepares students for leadership at the frontiers of a changing world. We help diverse and growing communities in Alaska and elsewhere meet their challenges by delivering the highest quality in business and public policy education, research, and professional assistance.

Strategic Initiative

CBPP’s strategic initiative areas reflect the major, strategic areas the University of Alaska Anchorage has identified in its comprehensive strategic plan, UAA 2017. UAA’s fundamental priorities are to: strengthen the total UAA instructional program; reinforce and rapidly expand UAA’s research mission; expand educational opportunity and increase student success; strengthen the UAA community; and expand and enhance the Public Square. The College of Business and Public Policy is refining its primary aspirations in concert with UAA. The following strategic initiatives prevail as the primary areas of enterprise and development for CBPP:

  • An Alaska Native Organization Management initiative addresses the need to recognize the critical economic and social role of Native regional and village corporations and non-profit organizations in Alaska, and to develop the next generation of leadership for those corporations and organizations, as well as the state

  • A professional skills improvement initiative addresses the need for CBPP students to excel as effective, oral and written communicators with a robust appreciation for professional ethics, and valuable business etiquette skills

  • An entrepreneurship and innovation initiative builds on current small business and entrepreneurship courses and assistance programs, as well as the annual business plan competition, to increase student appreciation for innovation and new business development. An emerging partnership with the School of Engineering will enable increased emphasis on new business creation in areas of engineering and technology solutions for problems and issues associated with climate change, alternate energy resources and sustainability.

  • Business practitioner & academic partnerships expand on currently successful the MBA Executive Leadership course to increase interaction between practicing executives, students, and faculty. A likely next step is developing an Executive-in-Residence framework, which is already operating on a limited scale within the logistics program.

  • The experimental economics laboratory focuses progresses beyond economics to other behavior areas.

  • New partnerships with foreign universities to improve student and faculty opportunities for study and research on the nature and effects of globalization and international business. This initiative builds on existing, long-term partnerships with universities in the Russian Far East.