The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department provides educational opportunities in computer information systems through degree programs, courses for all students, and career-enrichment opportunities.

Computer instruction courses and numerous other business school courses are supported by seven, computerized classrooms and state-of-the-art, open computer lab facilities. The computer classrooms and labs provide hands-on learning experiences using the latest Intel workstations supported by IBM, Microsoft and Linux network servers. The CBPP computer environment features several state of the art computer languages, including 4GL, query, and object-oriented languages.

College of Business and Public Policy students can use computer facilities to help them with course work and laboratories include special business presentation facilities and an experimental multimedia and a decision-support room.

Faculty teach computer courses using structured instructor-led and self-guided tutorial approaches in the traditional classroom, as well as online discussions.


BBA in Management Information Systems

The BBA in Management Information Systems gives students a broad-based business background and provides a strong foundation for careers in software engineering, project management, web development and programming, data analysis, and web security. The program is application and user-oriented and focuses on using software and creating applications.

Students graduate from the CIS program ready to work as network administrators, programmers, web designers, help desk technicians, supervisors, user consultants, database administrators, etc. The major emphasizes problem-solving techniques to analyze, design, program, implement, and manage solutions to business problems.

Internship opportunities give students an industry perspective of how information systems are used for solving problems in a genuine business environment. Students are also invited to join the Computer Club, a student chapter of the national Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP).