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Degrees and certificates from the UAA's College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) prepare you for today's global business environment. Most of UAA's business degrees are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Businesses (AACSB). CBPP's curriculum is tailored for lifelong learning across business disciplines. Start with an associates or certificate to enter the workplace, then refine your skills with a bachelor's, master's degree or professional endorsement.

  • Associate's degrees generally take two years of study and are a good way to get started in the workplace.

  • Bachelor's degrees generally take four years of full time study and lead to advanced professional careers

  • Master's Degrees generally take two years of full time study and provide an opportunity to focus your career

  • Certificates and endorsements generally take less than two years and are a great way to add to your portfolio or get started on an undergraduate education

Master's Degrees

Master's degrees are two to three year degrees of advanced study. Master's programs generally require a baccalaureate degree for admission. Master's degrees may be entirely course-based, entirely research-based or (more typically) a mixture. Click here for the Graduate Programs Office.

  • General Management - Develop the perspective and skills to take on significant leadership roles and manage large organizations.

  • Logistics - Become a supply chain executive with advanced study focusing on leadership, information technology, and international business.

  • Public Administration - Learn organization skill and leadership techniques to work in and with the public sector.

Bachelor's Degrees

CBPP bachelor's of business administration (BBA) degrees prepare students for professional career work in global business. They are typically designed to be completed in four years of full-time study and are the foundation of further graduate degrees. CBPP also offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in Economics.

  • Accounting - Professional experience working with groups to solve business problems in financial analysis, tax law, and accounting software.

  • Economics - Build the skills to analyze and communicate data as it applies to U.S. and world economies.

  • Finance - Focus a solid business education toward financial investment.

  • Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Learn how to design and manage large scale supply chain systems. Gain a deep understanding of communication, transportation, and storage.

  • Management - Prepare to be a business leader in today's rapidly changing world. Focus your studies with a concentration in property management and real estate.

  • Management Information Systems - Prepare to be a professional information worker with systems analysis, design, and programming.

  • Marketing - Become a public relations professional, learn modern marketing techniques, and learn to build brands and public regard.

Associate Degrees

An associate of applied science degree (AAS) prepares students for entry-level professional careers. They generally take two to three years to complete and can be pursued part time. They are a great way to jump start your career while working on higher level degrees.


Endorsements and Certificates

Business Certifications are generally in vocational fields and help people show their qualifications. These programs can start you on the path to an associate's or bachelor's degree by building credits.

  • Logistics Occupational Endorsement - 5 course introduction to logistics including information systems, purchasing, supply chain, transportation, and inventory control.

  • Logistics Undergraduate Certificate - Build on your occupational endorsement with 5 more courses focusing on management and business fundamentals.

  • UAA/SAS Data Mining Certificate - This program provides you with the opportunity to improve your skills at analyzing massive business datasets, turning data into business knowledge, and eventually making better business decisions. After successfully completing the program, you will earn a certificate that is widely recognized in the industry.