Courses may be offered in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.


Core Courses

Course Number Title Offered

Seminar in Executive Uses of Accounting

(Prereq ACCT A601, BA A603, and ECON A601)

BA A632

Organizational Behavior and Foundations of Behavioral Science

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

Fall & Spr
BA A610

Business Intelligence and Analytics

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

Fall & Spr
BA A635

Current Marketing Issues Seminar

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

Fall & Spr
BA A636

Financial Decision Making

(Prereq BA A603)

Fall & Spr
BA A655

Strategic Management Seminar

(Prereq BA A632, BA A635, BA A636)

Fall & Spr
BA A613

Applied Leadership

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

Fall & Spr


Executive Focus (Choose one of the following)

Course Number Title Offered
BA A628

Executive Leadership

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

BA A629

Negotiation and Conflict Management

(Prereq Graduate Standing)

BA A631

Business Environment Analysis

(Prereq ECON A602)

BA A634

Organizational Design and Development

(Prereq BA A632)



Capstone (Choose one of the following)

Course Number Title Offered
BA A656

Management Project

(Prereq Completion of all core courses)

Fall & Spr
BA A686

Management Simulation

(Prereq BA A636 and ACCT A650)

BA A698

Individual Research

(Prereq Completion of all core courses)

Fall & Spr
BA A699


(Prereq Completion of all core courses)

Fall & Spr


Electives (Choose nine credits)

This is not a complete list of available electives. Please contact the Graduate Programs Coordinator for more information.

Course scheduling is subject to availability of faculty and sufficient student enrollment. For this reason, some specialized elective courses might be offered infrequently. Please check an upcoming schedule of courses, for the most accurate availabilty.

Course Number Title Offered
BA A615 Real Estate Investment Analysis Fall
BA A617 Technology Management Spr
BA A633 Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis Fall
BA A640 Global Marketing Fall
BA A641 Advanced Consumer Behavior TBA
BA A648 Business Intelligence and Data Mining Spr
BA A652 International Comparison Of Business Practices Sum
BA A653 Multinational Financial Management TBA
BA A680 Social Media Strategies TBA
BA A685 Advanced Investment Management TBA
BA A690 Advanced Topics in Business Fall & Spr
BA A692 Investment Seminar TBA
ECON A625 Economics and Public Policy Fall
ECON A640 Economics of Transportation Spr
EDL A637 Education Leadership and Organizational Behavior Fall & Sum
EDL A673 Human Resource Management and Labor Relations Sum
PADM A601 Introduction to Public Administration Fall & Spr
PADM A602 Seminar In Public Management Fall & Spr
PADM A603 Management Analysis Fall
PADM A604 Research Methods in Public Administration Spr
PADM A606 The Policymaking Process Fall
PADM A610 Organizational Theory and Behavior Spr
PADM A618 Public Accountability and Ethics TBA
PADM A624 Human Resources Administration and Labor Relations Fall
PADM A628 Public Financial Management Spr
PADM A632 Public Policy Analysis Spr
PADM A640 Dispute Resolution Sum
PADM A671 Selected Topics in Public Administration Fall, Spr, & Sum
PADM A688 Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement Fall
PSY A612 Human Development in Cultural Context Spr
PM A 601 Project Management and Fundamentals Fall & Spr
PM A 602 Application of Project Management Fall