Core Courses

Course NumberTitle

Seminar in Executive Uses of Accounting

Examines the correct use and interpretation of accounting data at the executive and board of directors level. Discusses company goals, human behaviors associated with accounting choices, and the difficulties of establishing financial controls that produce fair and informative audits. Explores misconduct, financial mismanagement, shenanigans and ethical dilemmas in financial reporting. Also examines value creation, forecasting and performance evaluations.


BA A632

Organizational Behavior and Foundations of Behavioral Science

A detailed interdisciplinary study of those organizational behavior and human resource factors that contribute centrally to the firm's success. Examines current and future developments regarding key concepts such as motivation, leadership, power and authority, organizational processes and culture, selections and placement, performance appraisal, compensation, and human development. Surveys the scientific foundations of organizational behavior, including research methods, attribution theory, social cognition, attitudes, emotion, and cooperation and competition in social groups.


BA A610

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data identification, collection, analysis and presentation of results. Basic statistical tools and models for problem analysis and data-driven decision making are presented from the perspective of a manager. Emphasis is on the appropriate selection, use and interpretation of statistical analysis for business decision making. Computer software will be intensively used to analyze business data sets.


BA A635

Current Marketing Issues Seminar

Explores the origin, nature, and ramifications of current issues in marketingthat are redefining the role and scope of applied marketing management practices in contemporary organizations. Discusses the major ongoing socio-cultural and technological issues and trends impacting marketing research, competitive strategies, product/service design, pricing, promotion, and distribution.


BA A613

Applied Leadership

Students develop their leadership skills, exchange ideas and evaluate their internal image, enabling them to make positive changes in their behavior from a leadership context. Students learn theories and practices that affect organizational direction through understanding internal and external influences.


BA A655

Strategic Management Seminar

Analysis of the strategic environment; formulation and implementation of strategy. Role of top management and other stakeholders in setting the organization's fundamental direction. Structure and control system design for strategic support. 


BA A636

Financial Decision Making

Advanced course in financial decision making presenting analytical techniques and concepts. Includes multifactor asset pricing models; free cash flow and corporate valuation; capital budgeting risk analysis and real options; working capital management, capital structure theory, mergers, and corporate bankruptcies.