Executive Focus (Choose one of the following)

Course Number Title
BA A628

Executive Leadership

Exploration of characteristics and practice of executive leadership, primarily
through interaction with guest executives.


BA A629

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Designed to result in students’ improved negotiation skill. An experiential
class in which skills are both learned and practiced, enabling students to obtain
feedback and make positive changes in their behavior in negotiation contexts.


BA A631

Business Environment Analysis

Introduction to the methodology of business environment scanning,
analysis, and forecasting; survey of the current business environment. Impacts of
globalization of competition and financial markets, technological change, changing
political systems, regulation, demographics, social change, and other change
factors on business. Examination of social responsibility, ethics, environmental
protection and other accountability issues.


BA A634

Organizational Design and Development

Explores factors, conditions, and practices that lead to creating and
maintaining organizational success. Examines alternative methods of determining
organizational effectiveness. Presents organizational design based on contingency
theory perspective and examines major organizational dilemmas and dysfunctions.
Surveys and applies critical tools available for organizational development.