Below is an example of a suggested or typical MBA degree program at UAA. For more indepth course descriptions click on the course titles.

  • The typical student completes the degree in 3 years.
  • Courses are offered at times to allow for a standard 8 to 5 monday through friday work schedule.
  • You have flexibility in designing your degree

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year 1

BA 632 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

BA 610 Business Intelligence and Analytics

ACCT 650 Seminar in Executive Uses of Accounting

BA 635 Current Marketing Issues Seminar

Year 2

BA 636 Financial Decision Making

BA 613 Applied Leadership

Executive focus*


Year 3

BA 655 Strategic Management Seminar




Foundation courses may be required depending on previous academic and work experience. Please check with the CBPP graduate programs coordinator or ask during admissions for more information.


  • Executive focus- choose one of the following 3 credit electives: BA 628 Executive Leadership, BA 629 Negotiation and Conflict Management, BA 631 Business Environment Analysis, BA 634 Organizational Design and Development
  • Capstone- choose from one of the following options: BA 656 Management Project, BA 686 Management Simulation, BA 695 Graduate Internship, BA 698 Individual Research

The Graduate Studies Plan (GSP) plans your individual degree path and is required for each enrolled MBA student.


Graduation deadlines