Leadership Fellows Program

The Leadership Fellows Program prepares UAA College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) students to be future leaders who meet the needs of Alaska organizations through leadership, professional development programs and mentoring.

Program Components

  • Match students with community business leaders from their respective major/discipline.
  • Students interact with leaders in the business community to develop one-on-one relationships that foster rich leadership development experiences.
  • Mentors and students attend meetings and sessions sponsored by the CBPP that are designed to nurture the mentor and protégé relationship while providing opportunities for networking.


The Leadership Fellows Program is a co-curricular mentoring program for MPA/MBA and senior-level undergraduate students who are committed to leadership and personal and professional development.

  • Fifteen exceptional students (10 MBA/MPA and five senior-level undergraduates) will be selected after an interviewing process.
  • Program is specifically focused on developing the future leaders of Anchorage and Alaska.
  • Encompasses a variety of leadership developmental activities.
  • Primary feature of the program is the mentoring component.

Executive Leadership Speaker Series: John Parrott

An Interview of Mentor Jeff Kinneeveauk by Protegé Marvindan Anunciacion

Now accepting protégé applications.  Deadline for submissions is 2/20/2015.