The CBPP Computer Club is a student chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) organization and affiliated with the parent Anchorage Chapter 150 of AITP. The AITP Club develops a better understanding of the nature and functions of Information Technology (IT) and its use in business. The Club promotes general principles of IT and studies technical methods with a view to their improvement. Additionally, club members work directly with the parent chapter to visit local IT operations in Anchorage and recruit guest speakers for monthly meetings.

Members of the Club provide free workshops and open, training sessions to students in the College of Business and Public Policy. They study hardware and software related to IT and disseminate information by all appropriate means. The Club's primary purpose is to gather active and interested students from all disciplines to share knowledge and personal experiences with professionals from local and national IT organizations. Through this process, they develop working relationships that enhance knowledge and may result in future employment opportunities.



President Mignon Kramp
Vice-President Brian Smith
Treasurer Daniel Ornela
Secretary Rhyss Vivian
Club Council Rep Brian Smith
Faculty Advisor Professor Dennis Drinka