UAA Event Facility Request Form - For Non-Class Space Requests

This form is for UAA departments only to book space for events and meetings.

After we review your request for space, you will receive an email confirmation, generally within 3 working days depending on the time of year and workload. We book and confirm UAA Facilities space/event dates for the current semester only.  If your request includes a future date, the reservation will not be confirmed until after the new semester begins. Please email if you have any changes or special requests. We accept requests for future dates, but we hold these requests until two weeks prior to the semester in which the event will occur.  It is the responsibility of the requester to reconfirm future requests and update for any changes or cancellations at the beginning of each semester.

Enter the name of your event.

Enter the name of the person or group responsible for the event.

Non-profit or commercial requests need to be submitted on the Facility Request Form (PDF) on Room Scheduling's main page.

Confirmation emails will be sent to this email address.

Enter the start time of your event.

Enter the end time of your event.

Enter the number of people you are expecting to attend.

Please choose your preferred room for your event. To choose multiple rooms, hold the Ctrl key when clicking on the rooms. Check for room availability at

Please choose your 2nd preferred room for your event. To choose multiple rooms, hold the Ctrl key when clicking on the rooms.

Enter any information or comments you might have regarding your event.

By submitting your request and checking the above box, the applicant agrees to: Leave the facility as it was found, or pay for clean-up, reset, and/or repair of furniture, damage, and/or vandalism. Hold the University of Alaska, its employees, officers, agents and Board of Regents harmless in case of unavailability of the facilities. Indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the University of Alaska Anchorage, it’s employees, officers, agents, and the Board of Regents against any and all claims of injury to person or property damage resulting directly or indirectly from any accident occurring in, upon, or about the premises as a result of the acts, errors, or omissions of the above named group or organization or arising in connection with their operations, use or occupancy of the premises. I understand I may be held personally responsible in the event the organization does not satisfactorily cover any debts resulting from damage or above normal clean-up. All other terms and conditions as included in the University of Alaska Anchorage Facilities Use Policy.

Please complete and review all information before submission. If you need to make changes to your reservations, please email us at