The first day of the rest of your life...We believe that your wedding should be memorable for you and your guests. Our location, food, and amenities will make your wedding unique. In addition, our friendly, professional staff strive to help you  enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Your perfect location...The beautifully landscaped UAA campus provides the 
perfect backdrop for pictures and a truly unique venue to suit you perfectly.


Wedding Venues - Cuddy Hall holds up to 300 guests. Gorsuch Commons hold up to 200 guests. Wendy Williamson Auditorium holds up to 900 guests in the theater with receptions up to 100 guests.

Please be seated...Enjoy a meal prepared by our excellent full-service catering staff. With custom menu options you can have a meal that will truly make your reception spectacular.


Seawolf Catering professionals are available to assist you in planning your event. Our culinary team can design a menu to suit your budget and tastes.

A helping hand...In addition to location and 
catering, we provide free parking on the weekends and can assist you with overnight lodging during the summer months.


Free Parking Friday through Sunday. Summer Guest housing is available for you and your guests. Speak with one of our staff for pricing and additional details.