Architectural & Engineering Technology

The Architectural & Engineering Technology (AET) program provides entry-level skills, continuing education and advanced technical skills in several specialized fields, including computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), 3-D digital modeling and rendering. The AET program offers an occupational endorsement certificate in CAD for building construction, four undergraduate certificates in the specialized areas of architectural drafting, civil drafting, mechanical & electrical drafting and structural drafting, as well as the Associate of Applied Science degree in architectural & engineering technology (AAS-AET) which encompasses all of these fields. 

Students are trained to become skilled workers on architectural and engineering design teams. AET certificate and degree graduates are employed as drafters or technicians and work in private industry as well as in municipal, state or federal agencies. Drafters and technicians work in support of professional architects, engineers and surveyors to produce the technical drawings and models used by the construction industry to build everything from roads and bridges, to homes and office buildings, to oil and gas pipelines. Their drawings provide the graphic instructions showing the technical details of the products or structures to be built. The drawings specify dimensions, the materials to be used and the physical relationship of the project elements.

Drafters and technicians fill in the technical details by using reference drawings, rough sketches, specifications, codes and calculations as provided by the engineers, surveyors or architects on the design team. They use technical handbooks and references as well as tables and charts, calculators and specialized computer software programs to do this. Because many drafters and technicians assist in design work, creativity and motivation are desirable qualities. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are also critical skills.

Many of the courses and requirements of the AET programs are applicable for the Construction Management program.

Information about the AET program can be obtained at the University Center (UC) Room 130 or call 907-786-6465.