The Future of Disability in Alaska

A summit was held in Anchorage in the summer of 2013 with a follow-up survey. The purpose was to hear from a diverse group of stakeholders to inform a vision of the future for people with disabilities in Alaska in five areas:

1) Housing Arrangements

2) Advocacy

3) Relationships

4) Economic Wellbeing

5) Health

It is hoped that stakeholders will be inspired to reflect on how they are working toward this vision and taking action in the context of advocacy, policy/regulation, funding, and services/resources.

Here is the full report, broken into sections (scroll down for accessible quick fact sheets).

Disability Summit Full Report

1-Cover and Table of Contents

2-Executive Summary

3-Introduction and Method

4-Housing Arrangements



7-Economic Well-being


9-Universal Themes


Accessible Fact Sheets:

Housing Accessible Fact Sheet

Advocacy Accessible Fact Sheet

Relationships Accessible Fact Sheet

Economic Well-being Accessible Fact Sheet

Health Accessible Fact Sheet