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Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC)

CHD has a Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) to ensure the perspective of people with disabilities and their families is included in our work.  The CAC gives advice and feedback on CHD’s activities and serves as an informal bridge between the community and the University of Alaska.

By federal law the CAC must include representatives from:

  • Disability Law Center
  • Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education
  • Self-Advocacy organizations 
And other organizations such as:
  • Parent and Training Information Center
  • Those carrying out the Assistive Technology Act
  • Relevant state agencies
  • Community groups concerned with people with developmental disabilities and their family members

Community Advisory Committee Members 2014

Patrick Reinhart
Mary Van Haneghan
Dave Fleurant
Mary Elam
Ian Miner
Don Shackelford
Leslie Yamamoto
Margie Medeiros
Ric Nelson
Kim Champney
Letita Freed
Kristina Patrick