The mission of the Academic Workforce Programs is to increase the availability and competency of Direct Service Professionals who support individuals with disabilities throughout the state of Alaska.  Academic programs are distance delivered allowing working professionals to remain in their home communities while pursuing higher education.

Children's Behavioral Health OEC

The Occupational Endorsement Certificate, Children's Behavioral Health is a 16-credit occupational endorsement for Direct Service Professionals currently working or planning to work with children and youth with emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disabilities. By completing the endorsement certificate requirements, students gain skills essential to become effective members of therapeutic treatment teams.

Direct Service Specialist OEC

The Occupational Endorsement Certificate for Direct Service Specialist is a 17-credit occupational endorsement for paraprofessionals currently working or planning to work with children, youth and/or adults who typically experience developmental or other significant disabilities in residential, day habilitation or employment training settings.This endorsement certificate provides students with experience and knowledge in crisis intervention, community based-supports, information and recovery from mental illness, traumatic injuries, and other disabilities.

Disability Services, AAS

The Associate of Applied Science Degree Disability is a 60-credit Program of Study for one of three types of paraprofessionals currently working or planning to work with children, youth and/or adults who experience disabilities. Selection of one of the three areas of emphasis is based on the work context in which the student wishes to apply his/her newly acquired skills. The three areas of emphasis are:

  • Education Support
  • Speech-Language Support
  • Community Support


Ikautaq PDF Application
STEP PDF Application
(To be eligible for Ikautaq Project funding you must be Alaska Native)