A Guide to Developmental Disability Services

All parents’ skill sets grow with their children, but parents of individuals with developmental disabilities develop an extra set of skills in their role as the primary source for their child’s care and support. For much of what is needed, families are the best resource. However, there may come a time when additional help from outside the family becomes not only helpful, but necessary.

In response to this need, Alaska has developed a comprehensive system of community-based services and supports to provide families and individuals opportunities to live the way they desire.

Understanding the system that makes services available and building successful relationships with the community-based service providers are two of the new skills you will need to add to your list.

Alaska’s individualized service system for people with developmental disabilities operates in a maze of regulations. Parents often struggle to understand eligibility, planning, billing, reporting, and assessment rules. A Guide to Developmental Disability Services was written to help parents understand what Developmental Disabilities services are and how these services can work for you.

Many of the terms and processes to apply for and to receive services will be unfamiliar to you. This guidebook is in the order needed to begin your journey.

The guide was made possible by: The Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, The Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, and UAA Center for Human Development.

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