Alaska's Early Intervention / Infant Learning Program (EI/ILP) Reports

Family Outcomes Survey

The Family Outcomes Survey is an annual survey of families receiving infant learning program (ILP) services, inviting a randomly selected 20% target group of eligible families to respond.Survey content is based on desired family outcomes established by the federal Office of Special Education Programs and general satisfaction. Results are tracked over time.

Subpopulation Focus: Vision & Hearing

During calendar year 2010, the early intervention program changed the way vision/hearing services were delivered. Supplemental to the 2011 Family Outcomes Survey, all eligible families receiving ILP services in 2010 whose children had vision and/or hearing impairments were invited to respond.


More information can be found at the State of Alaska EI/ILP Website.

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2011 Family Outcomes Survey

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2011 Subpopulation Focus: Vision & Hearing (Supplement to the 2011 Family Outcomes Survey)

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