Alaska Alliance for Direct Service Careers (AADSC) Outstanding Direct Service Professional of the Year Awards

2015 Award Winners

The 2015 AADSC Outstanding Direct Service Professionals of the Year received $1,000, a paid trip* to the 2015 Full Lives Conference to accept this award, and free registration to the 2016 Full Lives Conference! *Paid trip only applied to those residing outside of the Anchorage/Mat-Su area. 

To be a direct service professional, a person must work AT LEAST 75% of their time in direct care activities. Direct Service Professionals provide support to a wide range of individuals in a variety of settings including the individual’s home, workplace, residential center, day center, and community. Positions include, but are not limited to: PCAs, CNAs, home care providers, recreation staff, clinicians, job coaches, counselors, and early intervention associates; anyone who works directly with an infant, child, adolescent, adult or senior who depends on support to be more self-sufficient.

Left-to-Right: Lisa Cauble, Shari Conner, Nancy Hendricks, Belisha Jefferies, Kaitlyn Meyers, Ben Zantow, Raelynn Smith, Karen Ward

Ben Zantow, Soldotna - Works with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Shari Conner, Soldotna - Works with Individuals in Substance Abuse/Chronic Alcoholism Treatment

Kaitlyn Meyers, Anchorage - Works with Individuals Experiencing Mental Illness

Belisha Jefferies, Anchorage - Works with Individuals with Brain Injuries

Nancy Hendricks, Palmer - Works with Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Other Age-Related Dementia/Elder Care


AADSC Award Winners 2007-2015

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  • 2007 winners: Don Thibedeau, Jan Ohmsteade, Tami Lubitsh, Kathy Evans
  • 2008 winners: Fe Farrell-Stevens, Dinah Backford, Frank Box, Heidi Frost (organizer), Pat Swan-Smith, Elizabeth Howard
  • 2009 winners: Heidi Frost (organizer), Valorie Nelson, Heather Ciampa, Kim Kilkenny, Tami Lubitsh, Janie Mathis, Ramy Woods (presenter)
  • 2010 winners: Dayna McGuire, Katie Wales, Jennifer Defreest, Nils Dihle, Albert Nells
  • 2011 winners: Tom Hull, Samantha Engler, Alyson Belle Bybee, Kanoe Toutaiolepo, Jacqui Johnson (not pictured)
  • 2012 winners: Nancy Burke (presenter), Raelynn Smith (organizer), Pat Springer-Hann, Wayne Tocher (not pictured), Lisa Farrell, Kelly Barrett-Godwin, Angela Bitter
  • 2013 winners: Brittanee Raeburn, Donald Harpole, Colleen Robertia, Cathy Genaux, Elizabeth Weeks
  • 2014 winners: Renee Culp, Art Delaune (not pictured - Frank Box standing in), Rebecca Tremain, Eugene O'Brien, Bonnie Hahn
  • 2015 winners: Shari Conner, Belisha Jefferies, Ben Zantow, Nancy Hendricks, Kaitlyn Meyers

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